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The Ergoline Prestige 1400

Tanning Machine in Telford

Control Centre.

The Ergoline Prestige 1400 control centre offers all clients a level of comfort and luxury they will have never experienced before – because it allows the client to set they’re own individual Tanning preferences.

All clients can then simply relax and enjoy the Tanning session. Adjustments can still be made during the Tanning session using the controls inside the Tanning bed.


The Ergoline prestige uses specialist Intelligent performance tubes that can only be used alongside an Intelligent performance chip card. These tubes will not work on any other Tanning bed.

Intelligent Performance

The Intelligent performance technology on the Ergoline Prestige is completely new and unique to Ergoline.

Intelligent performance considers the different positions of the lamps in the Tanning tunnel and adapts the UV output accordingly to ensure an even and up to 30% better Tanning performance all round.

The Ergoline 1400 redifines luxury and takes tanning to another level leaving you with the most even, deepest glowing tan imaginable.


Special Features.

Climatronic Cabin temperature gauge you control.

Intelligent performance Tanning.

3D sound system plug in any smart phone / MP3.


Face and body aqua fresh mist.

Facial tanners and shoulder tanners.

Voice guide.

Megasun 7900 Alpha Intellisun

The KBL 7900 Alpha intelliSun is a state of the art tanning unit. Not only will this Megasun tanning bed spoil the client with attractive and longer lasting tanning results. In addition this tanning bed will fill your vitamin D reserves giving you a sense of happiness and wellbeing. This is all possible as it is equipped with p2 pigment tubes. These specialist tubes are designed and proven to work with conventional UV technology to stimulate the production of Vitamin D3 which is essential for good health. The user friendly pre-selection display allows various tanning adjustments to be made easily before tanning.

Telford Sun Beds
Telford Sun Beds
Telford Sun Beds
Telford Sun Beds
Telford Sun Beds

Shoulder & Facial Tanners

Shoulder and Facial tanners – Control three different shoulder facial tanning settings maximum, minimum or off.



Plug in any smart phone or I-pod via the Aux lead to listen to your music. Easy to use control panel with added voice guide. You control aqua mist settings, mp3 tracks, music volume, body ventilation and facial tanners to customise your tanning session.


Tan Strategy

Three different tanning UV spectrums consisting of Basic, Mediterranean and Carabic which the client can pre select.

  • Basic Tan Strategy – equal proportions of UVA and UVB produce a balanced tanning effect.
  • Mediterranean Tan Strategy – a higher proportion of UVA results in faster tanning.
  • Carabic Tan Strategy – a higher proportion of UVB helps the client achieve a more intense tan.

Aqua Mist

Aqua mist spray you control as well as body ventilation/ air conditioning. Total relaxation with amazing tanning results.

Telford Sun Beds
Telford Sun Beds
Telford Sun Beds
Telford Sun Beds

MegaSun 7900 Alpha Deluxe

The high-end solarium 7900 alpha deluxe
In the premium-segment impress the new alpha deluxe series from megaSun in elegant design combined with powerful elements and outstanding performances. Suitably to the individual style of the tanning studio, the solarium megaSun 7900 alpha deluxe captivates through its precious chrome design, matching perfectly the light reflections of colorMotion. The user-friendly display preSelection, on the outside of the solarium´s canopy provides the possibility of choosing an individual setting prior to every tanning session. The intelligent tanning system intelliSun appears perfectly to the high demands and wishes of the customers. So simple is tanning nowadays!

The six p2 tubes, which are in the megaSun7900 alpha deluxe provide the EXTRA of UVB. A perfect tan, essential bio-positive effects caused by sun hormone Vitamin D, production and the safe feeling of skin gentle tanning are included. 40 powerful Ruby-Collagen-Booster bring an increase of hydration as well as revitalization, relaxation and detoxification of the skin. A silky smooth skin is guaranteed. You want to have Bluetooth? No problem at all. Only one click, the connection will be ready and you are able to listen to the own music from your smartphone. Feel the beat!

Telford Sun Beds
Telford Sun Beds
Telford Sun Beds
Telford Sun Beds
Sun Bed Tanning Telford

Megasun Space 2000

  • Aqua Cool Mist Spray – sprays for a couple of seconds every few minutes
  • Personal Sound System – Control your volume
  • Body Ventilation Fans – Control your fans
  • Mirror Floor to reflect and enhance the tanning of the lower body
  • Open sky for very tall clients
  • Invisible Integrated Exhaust system – Highest quality of relaxation with low noise tanning
Sun Bed Tanning Telford
Tanning Bed Telford
Tanning Bed Telford

The megaSun space 2000 (2018 edition) sunbed shows itself in typical megaSun style: elegant, comfortable and fascinating! The innovative design convinces with high-quality materials and the intensive lighting.
The megaSun Space 2000 is a fantastic option for those who prefer stand up tanning. With 50 state of the art tanning tubes, you can be sure to get an even, natural looking tanning result.